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PhD Journey 7

Doing my need analysis.

Just interveiwed three chemistry teachers to find out the most difficult topic that the students are facing in learning chemistry. Among the top mentioned are thermochemistry, organic chemistry, acid base, stoichiometry, bonding and electrochemistry.

I need to interview more teachers to see the consistency of the data. Hope to see the clear trend and arrive to a conclusion.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Chill…




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Phd Journey 5

Today 9/5/2017

Just submitted my Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 to my supervisors. I know it is not perfect but at least something for them to look and review. Hope that I can get positive feedback on my writings. Targeting myself to defense proposal in July.

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Graduate student celebrating her academic success



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PhD Journey 4

Dear all,

Hope everybody is in the pink of health.

For these few weeks, I really worked thoroughly for my proposal. I need to complete Chapter 1 to Chapter 3. Have to read a lot. Find a lot of references. Read, synthesize & write.

You need to have perseverance to do a PhD.

That’s all for now. Will be coming back.

Have a nice weekend.

Just do it. It’s okay doing mistakes rather than not starting anything.