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PhD Journey 12 – Things to ponder?


Things to ponder. Questions to be answered.

Why develop module?

Teachers don’t know how to use data logger?

Are sure module developed will be  suitable for pre-university level?





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PhD Journey 11 – Upon submitting my proposal defence form

Dear all,

Things happened very passed. I supposed to see my supervisor on last Tuesday (25 July 2017), sudddenly she texted me to bring the proposal defence form for her to sign. Oh my God, she has given approval for me to defense my proposal. Then she asked me to get my second supervisor’s signature and submitted the form at the faculty office.

This feeling was so unusual. I was trembling when filling out the form. May be, that was the feeling that other PhD student felt or  just me.

Now, I am doing some corrections in my proposal and need to submit to my supervisor as soon as possible.

Telling myself be ready for the next step. Hope I can do the best and passed my proposal defence well.

29 July 2017.







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ICEEI 2017

Dear all,

I am delighted to share here that my proceeding paper has been accepted by the reviewers. This is my first experience writing an empirical paper. Look forward to present it in the international ICT conference this Decemeber.

There must always be first time for anything.


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PhD Journey 10

Dear all,

This morning, I attended Part 2 of  Writing in the high impact journal workshop. Prof Kerry discussed further about the technical aspects of writing the jouranl.

He also suggested the steps to be taken to produce a high quality journal. Peer reader and re-read the journal at least five times.

That’s all for today.

Got to continue my paper.

Have a nice day,


Just get started and do it.






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PhD Journey 9

Hi all,

Today, I attended a talk about publishing a high impact journal by Professor Kerry, an education expert from Hong Kong.

He said no magic formula to get your paper published in a high impact journay in fact it is a HARD WORK.

You have got to write. Start writing and practice.

Evaluate paper to its originality, significance, and rigour.

Let’s do it now.

Bye guys.






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PhD Journey 8

Hello everyone,

Hope you in the pink of health.

Sharing my PhD journey.

Just met my second supervisor. It was a fruitful discussion.  She complimented me that I had a good writing skills. Even though she is not from education field (she is in ICT field), she can understand my Chapter 1 well. She could see my problem statement and the variables that I choose to make a study. Wow fantastics, her compliments really made my day.

Secondly, we discussed lengthy about Chapter 2. She guided me how to be more critical on comparing & contrasting the instructional desgins. Justify why do I choose ASSURE model.

Thirdly, writing a paper for international ICT conference. She has gone through my data and allowed me to proceed with writng the paper. I promised to send in by Thursaday /Friday. Hopefully I can meet the deadline.

She also motivated me about the ups and downs as PhD student. PhD is not for everyone. There is a certain standard of research you have to meet before you can ne awarede with a PhD.

That’s the end of the session with my supervisor.

Till meet her again next mont. Must continue my conference paper.

Bye guys.











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PhD Journey 7

Doing my need analysis.

Just interveiwed three chemistry teachers to find out the most difficult topic that the students are facing in learning chemistry. Among the top mentioned are thermochemistry, organic chemistry, acid base, stoichiometry, bonding and electrochemistry.

I need to interview more teachers to see the consistency of the data. Hope to see the clear trend and arrive to a conclusion.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Chill…




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Phd Journey 5

Today 9/5/2017

Just submitted my Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 to my supervisors. I know it is not perfect but at least something for them to look and review. Hope that I can get positive feedback on my writings. Targeting myself to defense proposal in July.

#keep going

#PhD road

#Follow my ghant chart

Graduate student celebrating her academic success